Cornerstone Veterinary Care
The Foundation of Excellent Pet Care

Our mission is to provide progressive and compassionate medical and surgical care for your pets, and to provide excellent client care and education.  We are passionate about our feline, canine, and exotic animal patients, and we are dedicated to caring for them as if they are our own.

We provide medical and surgical care for cats, dogs, exotic mammals (rabbits, ferrets, rodents, etc.), small ruminants (goats, sheep), birds (psittacines, poultry, and waterfowl), reptiles (snakes, lizards), chelonians, and amphibians.

Veterinary Needs:


We carry a variety of specially formulated foods to meet your pet’s individual medical and dietary needs. We have selected brands you know and trust such as:

  • Royal Canin

    We carry the Royal Canin limited ingredient feline diets and the Fiber Response diet for patients with megacolon.

  • Purina Veterinary Diet

    Purina Veterinary Diets for canines and felines provide specially formulated canned and dry foods for management of a variety of disease conditions including urinary tract disease, primary bowel disease, food allergy, diabetes mellitus, and more.

  • Harrison’s Bird Food

    Harrison’s foods are all organic and formulated based on size and species of bird to provide specifically for their needs. We also carry Soother Spray, Harrison’s Power Treats, and Sunshine Factor.

  • Hill’s Science Diet

    Hill’s Science Diet foods are formulated for specific disease conditions of canines and felines.

Additional Products:

  • Pet Odor Exterminator Candles
  • Feliway spray and diffusers
  • DAP Collars
  • Busy Buddy Twist’N’Treat toys
  • Squirrels and Pet Candy catnip toys
  • PetSafe collars and leashes – lifetime warranty


We provide a comprehensive in house pharmacy for the convenience of our patients. Products and prescriptions can also be purchased online through our Vetsource store.